International Institute for Religious Freedom

Research Fellow: Dr. Kyle Wisdom

Dr. Kyle Wisdom is a research fellow and collaborator with the International Institute for Religious Freedom. Having completed his PhD in political philosophy through Middlesex University, Dr. Wisdom’s research focus is on the interplay between religion and the state, with an emphasis on Indonesia where Kyle lived for over a decade.  
He has contributed a chapter to the book God Needs No Defense: Reimagining Muslim-Christian Relations in the 21st Century, a book jointly published by the World Evangelical Alliance and Humanitarian Islam. The book launch in Washington, DC which coincided with the International Religious Freedom Summit, supported a key component of religious freedom on which Muslims and Evangelicals agree: the importance of being able to promote their respective faiths. He has also recently published a journal article titled Indonesia’s Hospitable Democracy with the International Journal of Asian Christianity about the experience of minority Christians in Indonesia.
Kyle Wisdom is interested in religious freedom for all and seeks to combine research, diplomacy, and activism to promote this value around the world.