International Institute for Religious Freedom

Senior Research Fellow: Dr. Ronald Boyd-MacMillan

Dr. Ronald Boyd-MacMillan has enjoyed contrasting careers as a bible smuggler in Cold War Eastern Europe, a pastor in Bristol, England, a journalist in Hong Kong, a trainer of underground preachers in China, a professor of theology in Pakistan, President of an International Speech Tuition Agency, and a Global Analyst for the NGO sector. He has 40  years’ experience of ministering among persecuted Christians on five continents as a teacher, author and strategist and leading teams for impact.

Currently, he serves as Chief of Research and Global Strategy at Global Christian Relief. He also is a Senior Research Fellow at the International Institute for Religious Freedom and a Research Associate at the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies where he completes a 150,000 word manuscript entitled, An Answer for My Enemies: The Theology, History and Spirituality of the Suffering Church.

Dr. Boyd-MacMillan is Adjunct Professor of Practical Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary where he was invited to develop and teach the first course at seminary level focusing on understanding and learning from the suffering church in the Fall term of 2019, entitled Persecution, Mission and Christian Spirituality (MC544). He also is a Visiting Professor of Practical Theology and Spiritual Formation at Lahore College of Theology in Pakistan.

He has published three books, including The Heart is a Noisy Room:  Your inner voices, why they matter – and how to win them over (London:  Hodder, 2018), Explosive Preaching: Letters on How to Detonate the Gospel in the 21st Century! (Milton Keynes, England: Paternoster, 2006) and Faith that Endures: The Essential Guide to the Persecuted Church (Grand Rapids, Michigan: Revell, 2006).