International Institute for Religious Freedom

IIRF receives in donation the Global Religious Freedom Data Spectrum

The hosting of the Global Religious Freedom Data Spectrum Project was transferred to IIRF in 2023 and 21Wilberforce remains a collaborative partner.


Image from macrovector in Freepik

The Global Religious Freedom Data Spectrum is a project that was launched in 2020 by the organization 21Wilberforce, in partnership with the Loeb Institute of George Washington University. The Project was hosted by 21Wilberforce until 2023, when it was transferred to IIRF. 21Wilberforce remains a partner on the Project. This generous donation contributes to IIRF’s vision of developing a comprehensive information management system on religious freedom for academics, policy makers, journalists, etc.

The Global Religious Freedom Data Spectrum aims to provide a comparative framework by collecting and presenting a wide range of public data from multiple organizations’ country rankings on the issues of freedom of religion or belief. By placing the diverse rankings in one central place, the Data Spectrum offers users the opportunity to get a richer and broader look at each country in the world. The project provides maps that show the data in a compelling way that can help people understand the opportunities and gaps in Global Religious Freedom data.

The project is available here: