International Institute for Religious Freedom

Report on Recent IIRF Africa (Cape Town) Activities

Africa affiliate of International Institute for Religious Freedom relaunched at the Conference on Religious Freedom in South Africa


The International Institute for Religious Freedom Africa (Cape Town) was founded in 2007, simultaneously with the international structure of IIRF, then based in Bonn, Cape Town and Colombo. The IIRF Africa (Cape Town), a strategic regional affiliate of the IIRF, is reactivating its dormant structure and activities, under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Christof Sauer. This resurgence reflects a shared aspiration among South African scholars in the field of law and religion to establish a platform for collaborative research and advocacy concerning the safeguarding of religious freedom within South Africa and beyond.

You can find here a full report of recent IIRF Africa (Cape Town) activities and photos from the Religious Freedom Conference in South Africa.