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Church and State Relations in Zambia

Elias Munshya. Church and State Relations in Zambia: An Evangelical Perspective. VKW: Bonn, 2024. DOI: 10.59484/BTRS6790.


An Evangelical Perspective

Explore the intricate dynamic between Church and State in Zambia through the compelling lens of “Church and State Relations in Zambia: An Evangelical Perspective.” With meticulous research and a keen eye for detail, this insightful work uncovers the profound influence of religion on the nation’s political landscape and civic engagement. Taking a deep dive into Zambia’s historical narrative, this book expertly traces the evolution of Church-state relations from pre-independence to the present day. The author offers a comprehensive analysis that seamlessly weaves together past and current events. Within these pages, readers will discover how religion has played a crucial role in legitimizing the government, providing a system of checks and balances, and driving transformative change. With its rich historical context and contemporary relevance, this book engages and captivates readers, providing a unique perspective on the complex relationship between Church and State in Zambia.