International Institute for Religious Freedom

The Quest for Shared Civilizational Values

Presented to the G20 Religion Forum (R20) Bali, Indonesia, 2–3 November 2022


In November 2022, in Bali, Indonesia, over 400 religious leaders and scholars from around the world gathered for the first annual G20 Religion Forum, abbreviated as R20, established with a fundamental goal: to transform religion into a constructive force, offering viable solutions rather than contributing to global challenges in the 21st century. The primary objective of the R20 is to foster a global movement where individuals of diverse faiths and nationalities collaborate to align geopolitical and economic power structures with the loftiest moral and spiritual principles. The overarching aim is to create a positive impact on humanity, transcending boundaries and promoting a harmonious world guided by shared values. This report compiles the significant speech offered by Mary Ann Glendon at the first annual G20 Religion Forum.