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VID shows Sub-Saharan Countries are the Epicentre of Modern Martyrdom

Killings: The new Violent Incidents Database shows that Sub-Saharan Countries are the epicentre of modern martyrdom!


The global landscape of religious persecution has witnessed a devastating surge in recent years, with Christians bearing the brunt of violent attacks across various regions. In the new Violent Incidents Database, funded by Global Christian Relief and conducted by the International Institute for Religious Freedom, four of the top five countries with the most killings of Christians during the 2022–2023 period are in Africa, dominated by Nigeria, but followed by the DCR (#2), Mozambique (#4), and Burkina Faso (#5). Only India at #3 breaks the African stranglehold with the bloodletting in Manipur particularly in May of 2023. This emphasizes the urgent need for international attention and concerted efforts to address this crisis.